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Sextrade101 Supporters:

Sextrade101 is a highly valuable organization which aims to spread much needed attention to the the issues of sex trafficking. By offering a unique set of training tools, practical tips, and real-life models and examples of how justice can be lived out in our society; Sextrade101 helps many flee from sexual enslavement.
- Paul Gillespie
Kids Internet Safety Alliance

The women of have a unique and precious voice. Neither apologists for sex work nor moralists who judge sex workers, they are women who deserve to be heard because they have transcended the pain and humiliations of their experiences to speak a courageous grace that is as bold as it is rare. I know of no other group in the country better qualified to honestly describe the realities of sex work or propose sound methodologies for releasing those who have been trapped in its destructive patterns.
- Greg Paul
Executive Director of Sanctuary Ministries of Toronto
Author of God in the Alley and The Twenty Piece Shuffle.

Natasha Falle [of] is a young woman with a comprehensive knowledge of the sex trade world from years of personal experience. She is also a Christian with a heart to reach out to those trapped in this vicious lifestyle. She has God-given compassion for people and wants to see lives changed by God's grace. She deserves strong support and encouragement as she reaches out to a segment of our society that is often forgotten. God bless her work!
- Dr. Gordon M. Balfour
Chief Business Officer,
The Gideons International in Canada

"One of the single biggest obstacles to abolishing sexual exploitation in Canada is ignorance. That's why Sextrade 101 is such an important organization: for its work to inform, educate, and train front-line professionals and Canadians about the realities of those who are today being bought and sold as sexual commodities."
- Benjamin Perrin
Law Professor and Author of the Invisible Chains

"As an exited woman who campaigns for abolition, and also explores the impact of trauma on women who have exited the sex trade, I fully support Sextrade101. For many of us the abolitionist work is highly isolating and at times is very triggering. Having contact and support from other campaigning exited women is vital, and gives me the inner strength to carry on with this difficult work. It is important to have this connection, for the better and clearer we are with our message - the more vicious and often very personal; the attacks on us are. These attacks can send me back to the trauma mind-set that wants to be deaden and go hard again, and even strong emotions of self-harm. The connections made in Sextrade101 reminds us this is often a common reaction to surviving prostitution. I deeply support Sextrade101."
- Rebecca Mott
Sex Trade Abolitionist

"I will recommend Sex Trade 101 speakers to everyone i know in the movement to end modern day slavery! The world needs to hear more from the survivors! Most people have no clue how one falls prey to this lifestyle, and the work these abolitionists are doing is a huge step towards putting an end to sexual enslavement by using their life experience and expertise; sometimes courageously putting their lives at risk for us to understand, prevent, and rescue the exploited."
- Marc L'yDell Palmer
CEO at Fashion Hope
"The mission of Fashion Hope is to build awareness for HUMAN TRAFFICKING, while raising funds to resource frontline organizations."

"Governments have a duty to protect the moral and physical health of their citizens. Sadly, legalization of prostitution would be providing approval for a dangerous practice. Prostitution should never be regarded as a legitimate career option for a young person, male or female. Sextrade101 is a terrific conduit for prostitutes exiting the trade and providing facts for at risk youth who are on the cusp of entering prostitution. During my years working the Vice Unit as a police officer, I was frustrated with the system which basically offered no support for older victims snared by the tentacles of prostitution. Sextrade101 has embraced all of those concerns and taken a proactive approach to providing support for victims of the sex trade. Credibility realized from real life experiences is unparalleled and the speakers offered through Sextrade101 hold the highest qualifications by virtue of their own tragic stories."
- Tony Ryta / Retired Vice Officer

"Sextrade speaks truth without judgement. They deeply care for individuals caught in the lies of prostitution and believe in a world where such exploitation will no longer exist. I am proud to fully support their work as we join together for a future without sexual exploitation."
- Tara Teng
International Speaker and Miss Canada 2011- a modern day abolitionist and a voice for justice, love and mercy worldwide.

"Sextrade 101 shatters the myths, lies and propganda about prostitution. They tell it like it is... no holds barred... no sugar coating. They lay out the real and brutal side of the flesh trade. Their message is powerful and must be heard."
- Victor Malarek
Author of The Natashas: Inside the Global Sex Trade and The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men who Buy It.

"We're the experts even if we disagree. That's why I love Nat Falle whose with ST 101, we don't agree but we both care about the same thing - the women involved, which a lot of the public doesn't seem to think about when making their opinion known."
- Wendy Babcock
Experiential Activist (R.I.P 1979-2011)

"It would be understandable for the women of to invoke amnesia on their past, afterall the constant recounting of the pain of exploitation and maltreatment would certainly be unbearable for most. Yet, these courageous women have chosen to engage in the noble cause of educating those of us who may seem distant from, and ignorant of, the plight of sex workers and prostitutes. This selfless act on the part of the women of truly epitomizes the good in humanity."
- Tony Rivier

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