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Human Trafficking

MP Shocked as NDP Obstructs Passage of Human Trafficking Bill C-310
Bill Now Not Expected to Pass Until End of May
Read Full Press Release: [Click Here]

Media Activism Against Trafficking

Court decision could accelerate human trafficking
By Victoria Gray, The Toronto Observer

By the time Bridget Perrier was 14 she was turning tricks on the street and for escort services. “You’re like herded cattle. You go in front of the madam; she takes a look to see if you’re going to make money (and) asks you what nationality you are… You can’t tell me they didn’t know (I was underage),” she said. Perrier was often trafficked between Toronto and Thunder Bay, Ont. She claimed authorities never asked her for identification or consent. “I was exploited by people around me who were put in place to protect me,” she said. Perrier insisted that human trafficking is a global problem and that Canada is not immune; she said the problem exists especially in aboriginal communities.

5 honoured for fighting human trafficking
By Jillian Austin, Winnipeg Sun

"I met so many people that didn't have family support and just didn't have access to any kind of support, and I thought we really need something like this," Falle said. Toronto Sun reporter Tamara Cherry was also recognized for her work as a crime reporter on the topic of domestic sex trafficking in Canada. She said it's "humbling" to be honoured in such a way, and she hopes her work keeps the topic in the forefront. "More and more people are waking up every day and realizing what's going on ... and they're wanting to do something about it," Cherry said.
Read More: Winnipeg Sun (Click Here)

Human trafficking in city, says MP
By Kevin Rollason, Winnipeg Free Press

"The public has to know human trafficking is going on in this city," said Tory MP Joy Smith (Kildonan-St. Paul), just before leading hundreds of people in a Winnipeg march against the crime Saturday afternoon. "Young girls and boys do it, not because they want to, but because they have been targeted... Education and awareness are our greatest weapons against human trafficking. "We need to stop this horrendous crime in this country." Ron Evans, Grand Chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, agrees education is an important step to address the problem. "We need to make young people leaving the reserve aware of the dangers and know what to look out for," Evans said.
Read More: Winnipeg Free Press (Click Here)

Walk to Stop Human Trafficking in support of MP's bill
By Ross Romaniuk, Winnipeg Sun

The proposed legislation - before the Senate and going to federal committees this month - would bring minimum prison sentences of about six years for traffickers of children. "I wish I could give them 96 years," Smith (Kildonan-St. Paul) said of those convicted. "But the value of mandatory minimums ... is that you get them away from the victims." Smith and Grand Chief Ron Evans of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs used the event to stress that girls must "be careful of who their friends are," because of predators trying to use their bodies for money. Falle said she's happy to be alive after her experience, which happened despite having a police officer father and a youth that had seemed far removed from trafficking.
Read More: Winnipeg Sun (Click Here)

Police Reveal More On Sex Slave Arrests
Police and experts agree it just goes to show the difference one victim can make when the silence is broken."They're so afraid of their families being held captive back home, debts that are owed, and their lives are being threatened," said Natasha Falle, who helps get sex workers off the street.
Read More: City TV (Click Here)

Human Trafficking in City, says MP
Read More - Winnipeg Free Press (Click Here)

MP Joy Smith's Walk to END Human Trafficking in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Photo Credit: Joel Oosterman

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