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Angel Wolfe

Angel Wolfe

My name is Angel Wolfe. My Indian name is Woman of Sacred Dreams. I am 18 years old. I am presently a student at a school in Toronto. I love photography and poetry. I also am a survivor... I grew up as a Crown Ward in the care of CAS, but recently was able to find my youngest sister, and I now have a family who I reside with. I have been through a lot due to my mothers passing. My moms name is Brenda Anne Wolfe. She was my mother and she was a strong aboriginal women who was killed by Robert Pickton. He got away with this for so long because my mom and the other women he murdered were of high risk groups from marginalized communities. They were already forgotten in society’s eye. I was eight years old when I found out about her death. I grew up with her name all over the press, and how i heard the many grotesque details of those murdered in the DTE. I have also heard many untrue stories about my mom. My poetry is my escape from the images in the press. I was in grade eight when my poem was chosen and published. I love hanging out with my friends, bugging my sisters and listening to music and writing. I have done many successful speaking engagements and activism work for “Sextrade101”, “SEX IS NOT A SPORT”, Youth Unlimited”, “Up with Women”, Humber College, Sheridan College, and the “Humber River Police Foundations Program”. I am also lucky to have represented Canadian Roots program at The Truth & Reconciliation Commission in Ottawa this past fall. I speak from my own experiences. I represent The Children of Murdered & Missing Aboriginal Women. I do not believe that prostitution is “a choice” nor the promotion of "sex work" in our community. I believe that Canada needs to learn from past mistakes and support a strategy that works. Recently, we had the missing women’s task force come to our home. I got to see photos and crime scene layouts, and from what i can tell; this was more than error. I was offered a mere $10,000 for my mom, from the Crime victims’ unit. That amount means nothing to me! My mom will never be there to see me graduate; to walk me down the isle; to stand beside me when I give birth. Canada needs to wake up and see the body count. 600 plus; missing or murdered Anishnawbek Women in Canada is an atrocity. This is Genocide. What can we do- What can you do, so that these women are accounted for? We need to help them!

Families' testimony evokes tears and applause: Learning about mother's death at hands of serial killer Robert Pickton 'like a punch in the face,' daughter of Brenda Wolfe says Read more: www.vancouversun.com/news/

Vancouvers DTE
"Their spirits live within us" 19th Annual Womens Memorial March

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