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I had a wonderful family who loved me. I studied at one of Canada’s top universities. I grew up with a strict upbringing and was raised to have strong morals and values. I wasn’t into partying. I was a sweet, obedient, homebody with good grades and plenty of friends. I was a mothers last worry…. that is until I fell in love with material things. Since childhood I had always had a desire for the finer things in life, things that my middle class, hardworking parents could not provide for me. I fell in love with luxury. I wanted UGG boots, Juicy Couture Sweats, Tiffany jewelry, Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, Rolex Oyster watch, Mont Blanc pens… you name it I yearned for it! And that’s how my bout in the sex trade business began. My love of high-end designer items became an obsession.

At 18years of age, while studying at the University of Western Ontario; in hopes of one day becoming a pediatric gastroenterologist, I began waitressing at a local strip club to make extra cash to provide me with all of the luxuries my fellow classmates had. After working there for a year as a waitress I ventured out of town and began my career as a stripper. I started by only working weekends and studying during the week. That is until I met my former “pimp”, Joseph Bernadel.

Mr. Bernadel or Benito/Ben was a charming, well-dressed, very well spoken young man. He lured me with his luxurious lifestyle that I had always longed for. He drove a flashy BMW truck and a Mercedes Convertible. He wore Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry. He didn’t have his jeans hanging past his knees and boxers showing. He didn’t wear sideways ball caps and bandanas. He didn’t wear Jordan’s or Addidas high tops. He was very classy and well put together. He didn’t fit the stereotype of a pimp, a “G”, a “thug” etc. I thought he was different. That’s what he wanted me to believe.

After 6 months of giving me the high life, nightly outings at fancy night clubs in private booths, lavish designer gifts, driving in luxury vehicles, paid vacations, as much gold and diamond jewelry as I could imagine, what I once thought a “dream” took a sharp turn into my worst nightmare.

The “beat-ups” began with a firm grasp on the arm and a punch to a wall close by and gradually turned into severe attacks ending in broken ribs, broken noses, broken eardrums and a body covered in bruises both internally and externally, blood pouring from everywhere, barely being able to move. It just got worse and worse as time went on.

At first I thought “if I kept my mouth shut like he said maybe I wouldn’t get a beat-up tonight” and eventually turned into “maybe if I just give him my money he will stop beating me”. He manipulated me through other girls who I believed were my friends. Trying to convince me that he wanted me to “turn tricks” and make him big money. “The more money you make the higher you are on the priority list” said one of my “friends”. The girl who makes the most money and gives it to him willingly is the one who he’ll all his “wifey” and spend all his time with, is what all the girls at work lead me to believe.

He always told me to quit dancing and stay in school, that he’d take care of me if I just kept my mouth shut and did my own thing. He rented me a 3500sqft home in prestigious neighborhood that he also furnished with luxurious furniture and gave me a Mercedes G-500 to drive. He told me to save my money that we were going to buy a $800,000.00 house together and then get married and have children. (Which he stole from me every time I had anything saved in the drawer he made me keep it)

We were engaged. He actually got on one knee and proposed while on vacation in Cuba. Two days later he nearly beat me to death. He was wise, sneaky and manipulative. He says what he knows you want to hear. He uses other people to assist in his game. He changes his approach for every different girl. He gets what he wants. That is the game of a Pimp and how I got forced into prostitution.

He impregnated me as an attempt to keep me as his possession for life. Fortunately for me God used the birth of my daughter to change my life around. The moment I laid eyes on her I gave my life back to God, only this time its forever. A York region police officer had reached out to me and got me in contact with Natasha Falle, Bridget Perrier at Sextrade101. I left the business, laid charges on my ex-pimp and moved on with my life.

I am now a devote Christian. I’m a wife to the most wonderful man in the world. He treats me exactly how God instructed a man to treat his wife. I’m a proud stay at home mother of two beautiful girls. I plan on bringing up a large family and advocating against the sex trade and pimps.

I am not ashamed of my past; I use my testimony for the good of others. To help young woman such as myself get out of the business and break free from their traffickers.

W5: Rescuing the girl next door from the sex trade
Jasmine ran out of money when she was a student at the University of Western Ontario. Drawn in by the lavish lifestyle offered by her new boyfriend, she soon found out that she would have to earn her keep as a prostitute when her beau became her pimp.
CTV News Article/Video: [Click Here]

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