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Prostitution and Male Supremacy - Andrea Dworkin
If you have been in prostitution, you do not have tomorrow in your mind, because tomorrow is a very long time away. You cannot assume that you will live from minute to minute. You cannot and you do not. [READ MORE...]

Prostitution: Rights of Women or right to women?
In this necessarily short article, I will focus on prostitution by adult women, touching only incidentally men’s and children’s prostitution and transnational traffic in women...

Why prostitution, the world's oldest oppression, must be stamped out - Trisha Baptie
The conversation that pits current prostitute against former prostitute, indoor versus outdoor, and drug-addicted versus Gucci-addicted has gone on for too long. I have fallen into all those categories. With female “choice” being the only side discussed, let’s subvert that conversation and ask the root question: As a society do we think men should be able to pay to sexually access women’s bodies?

Counterpoint: This is a free pass for pimps and traffickers - Heidi Kalyshov
A small majority of sex-trade workers who are pro-prostitution and have the luxury of working independently from their own homes, or brothels, have overlooked the needs of sex workers who are not prostituted by choice and “work” under the control of pimps. They have selfishly abandoned the cries of women who may not have the option of working from these so-called brothels. I have yet to see an ad hiring escorts or massage attendants in their late 30s, 40s or especially 50s.

Reclaiming A Space For a Voice - Rebecca Mott
We must use language that makes loud and clear the destruction of her essence – for me, prostituted woman expresses what I was and how it was never my fault, but always a pre-planned scheme to mold me into a hell and makes me believe it was my choice.

An Ex-Hooker's Letter to her Younger Self - Stella Marr
Now you’re living in the immediate and eternity. It’s scary and bewildering, but you need this — you need each moment to stretch infinitely so that you can be acutely aware of each man’s tiny movements and shifts in expression, which can reveal a threat before it happens. This hyper-awareness will save your life. One day you’ll see this being untethered from time as a kind of grace.

Can a Person Be A Sex Worker Rights Activist While Not Enjoying Sex Work Themselves? (Rough Draft) - Wendy Babcock
I have never enjoyed sex work. In fact I am remorseful that sex work is how I lost my virginity, I regret that at 15 I entered sex work, and I despise the fact that I learned about my sexuality through sex work while the majority of other girls my age were discovering theirs in the school yard – usually with kids their own age.

Radical Feminist Andrea Dworkin Died April 9 (aged 58) Washington D.C
Encouraged by her socially conscious father, Ms. Dworkin embraced dissent from an early age. She refused to sing Christmas carols in elementary school and by sixth grade decided she wanted to change restrictive abortion laws. She admired books by the Bronte sisters as well as Che Guevara...
[READ MORE...] -- [View Andrea's website]

TO THE CHILD - Charlie
To the child that could never be, I don’t think she was ever inside me!

With the way they looked at me, as if i were full grown. I would try to sleep but they wouldn’t leave me alone...

So I uncrossed my legs and i gave them a look. It didn’t take long. That was all it took. Buying me gifts and promising me things, all they took were my...

A junkies day starts out nice, a poke of speed starts it out right... A line here, a line there... oh she's forgot to change her underwear.

A wish for morphine would make things alright, and now Bernie doesn’t have to Jones all night.

Charlie cried out for a toke, but all she got was bullshit dope!...

I'm so tired of fighting,
so I started writing.
I've got a battle goin on inside myself,
and I put my faith upon a shelf.
I almost forgot who I am,
I almost forgot God has a plan.
What i am is proud and strong,

ALL IN A DAY's WORK - Denise
As I wipe the sleep from my eyes, a new day begins. The thoughts of yesterday enter my mind and the plans for today are being determined.

“Good morning Dan” I say to my friend as he enters the door returning from work.

“Morning Denise, how did you sleep?” he replies.

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